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remove details from the database

Our clients generate over £10 million of postal sales each year, the majority welcome the information and offers they receive by post. However, some people might take a different view. The EditMe online facility is here to ensure you only receive correctly addressed mail that you want. Please remember, if your name is removed from our Direct Mailing List you could miss out on mailings you may still wish to receive. So before you say 'No' to Direct Mail you may wish to reconsider.

Remove Details

remove details from the database

EditMe allows you to remove your details completely from our database which should stop most mailings. Before clicking on the link, please remember that your removal could stop you receiving offers and promotions which may be relevant to you.

Edit Details

correct your INFORMATION

If there is an error on a mailing that you have received from one of our clients, use this form to provide us with your correct information. It takes a few minutes to complete and will ensure all future mailings will be error free and addressed correctly.

Notify of Deceased

Let us know if addressee is deceased

Although we apply the latest information from various deceased registry sources we appreciate that these are not 100% accurate and if you have received a mailing addressed to a relative that has recently passed, please accept our apologies