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Our members consist of a large number of the UK’s most prestigious businesses whose commitment to their customers’ and prospects expectations and needs is paramount. As part of that commitment, our members from time to time wish to ensure that all data they hold on their clients is correct, fair, and takes into account their customers preferences. This website is dedicated to assisting our members in keeping their clients and prospects contact details and preferences up to date and accurate. We are an independent organisation acting on behalf of our members but not controlled by them. Any information you provide via our website will only be shared with the member contacting you. Other members will not have access to any information provided unless you clearly opt-in to do so.

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EditMe allows you to remove your details from our members databases. Before supressing your information, please remember that you may miss out on future offers and promotions which may be of interest.

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If you would like to check your information, use this form. It takes a few minutes to complete and will ensure all future mailings will be addressed correctly.

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Although we apply the latest information from various deceased registry sources we appreciate that these are not 100% accurate and if you have received a mailing addressed to a relative that has recently passed away, please accept our apologies and let us know.